Top 5 Favorite Mountain Bike Trails in Bend, Oregon

Mountain Biking in Bend, Oregon we are blessed with lots of amazing mountain biking trails, it can be hard to choose where to ride your bike if time is limited. So here is a quick list of must rides while you are in town:

  1. Whoops
    1. This is a great mountain bike trail no matter what your level of expertise is. It features a lot of built up table tops and berms and your speed controls how challenging the course is. Learn more
  2. Funner/Tiddlywinks
    1. This mountain bike trail just minutes from Bend, Oregon features lots of natural obstacles and drops. Funner is the more challenging mountain biking trail with rocky, technical features and drops, while Tiddlywinks offers more of a whoops feel with built up berms and table tops. Learn More
  3. Phil’s Trail
    1. This is classic Bend, Oregon mountain biking, smooth cruiser single track that you can go as fast or as slow as you want. A great intro route takes you up Kens trail and then back down Phil’s Canyon, you’ll be smiling the whole time on this easy moderate bike ride. Learn More
  4. Smith Rock to Gray Butte
    1. This ride is more of a winter ride when the dirt is firmer but is such a beautiful moutain bike ride that gives you great views of all of Central Oregon as you ride through Smith Rock up to Gray Butte and back down. This is one of the most scenic mountain bike rides in the Bend, Oregon. Learn More
  5. North Fork to South Fork
    1. This mountain bike ride is not for the faint of heart. The full loop doesn’t open until August. It takes you from Tumalo Falls up Tumalo Creek to the edge of the Three Sisters Wilderness Boundary and then bombarding down the south fork of Tumalo Creek. It is one of the few rides that gives you an alpine feel while mountain biking in Bend, Oregon. Learn More

Once you ride all of these, be sure to stop by Crow’s Feet Commons for some of the best coffee and beer in Bend and Central Oregon and we will tell you about all the other great mountain biking in Bend, Oregon that isn’t listed here.

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