Expansion complete!!!

A bike and ski shop that serves coffee and beer? Or is it a cafe and bar that sells bike and ski gear? How ever you choose to look at it, Crow’s Feet Commons is a dream come true for many from Gear Junkies to Coffee Enthusiasts.

Since the doors opened, we have been growing and as many of you have witnessed, the whole place got a lot more…cozy. This is not a bad thing but with limited space and a desire to grow, when the space next-door opened up, we jumped at the opportunity to expand.

At this point the expansion is probably not news to you but you may have some questions. “Will I no longer be able to enjoy a beer while drooling over my dream bike?” “Is the cafe going to loose its signature vibe?” These are just a few of the many concerns we have heard form patrons. Have no fear!! Our goal in the expansion was to maintain, and in fact, enhance, the experience you have come to love and expect at Crow’s Feet Commons. You will still have that frosty brew by your side as you watch our techs work on your equipment and you can still enjoy your coffee, immersed in the outdoor culture.

Both locations are now both officially up and running. Come check it out!

Ride. Drink. Laugh.

Crow's Feet Commons