Be prepared for your ride time

One of the many luxuries we are afforded here in Bend, OR is the ease of access to world class mountain biking. All it takes is one phone call to your buddies and 15 minutes later you can be at the trail head.

Talus tightening his bolts


Now, this time frame assumes that you are organized or live next door to the trail head. For those less organized or burdened with a longer commute, time is everything because you don’t want to be “that guy” who keeps everyone waiting. The rush to get to the meet up can often times lead to forgetting something and having to borrow socks or snacks from someone in the group. Once again, you don’t want to be “that guy.” So, in order to avoid forgetting something, it is a good idea to make a list, mental or physical, that you run through before walking out the door.

1. Define your kit necessities like shoes, socks, chamois, helmet, ect. Either get dressed to ride before you leave your house or put it all in a gear bag.

2. Don’t forget your spare tube, pump, and bike tool. Keeping these essentials in a saddle bag or riding pack all of the time is a good way not to forget.

3. Know your food and water intake and gauge what you will need based on ride distance and temperature outside.

4.Look at the weather and decide if you’ll need any extra gear. No one like to ride soggy.

5. Decide how you’re going to carry all of the above, pack it, and head for the trails.


Crow's Feet Commons