Summer in Bend, Oregon

The end of July is rapidly approaching, which means, summer in Bend is nearly half way finished! To make sure you make the most of the remaining warm weather here are some quick suggestions on what to do.

  1. Mountain Bike – Even though our summers can bring a lot of dust and loose dirt, this summer we have had a good amount of rain, which has made mountain biking in Bend, Oregon really great. So grab your bike and get out on those high alpine trails that are closed for most of the year. Before you hit the trail, start your epic with Crow’s Feet Commons and grab some gear, coffee or food.
  2. Road Bike – if riding dirt isn’t your thing, not to worry, central oregon has tons of great road biking as well.  We have it so easy here, head out in any direction and the rides will have gorgeous views and never ending adventure.
  3. Enjoy a sunset– We have some of the best sunsets in the world right here in Bend, Oregon, so come on down to Crow’s Feet Commons, grab a pint of beer or a cup of coffee, let the kids run around Drake Park and watch the sun set behind North Sister.
  4. Go to an outdoor concert – Crow’s Feet Commons is one of the best venues to listen to music in all of Oregon. It is small, intimate, yet wide open and with a beautiful backdrop of Mirror Pond and North Sister. Check out or events page for upcoming shows.

Crow's Feet Commons