Meet our Ski and Snowboard Tune Crew

I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but there’s another set of winter storms headed our way! If you haven’t brought your skis or snowboard in for their early season tune-up, now is the time, and we’ve got one hell of a duo down here at Crow’s Feet Commons ready to get your gear dialed for optimum shred-ability.

Meet the dudes . . .




Troy (left) has been here since the beginning and was the original shop tech here at Crow’s Feet Commons. He’s also spent some time at Race Place, here in Bend, training under super tuner Scott Holmer. Like the rest of the bunch down here, Troy has years of experience working the front lines in ski shops. On top of that experience, he’s spent decades in the mountains both guiding and on patrol. So whether it’s a basic tune or a tricky boot fit, Troy’s got you covered.

David “Sword” Swordinni has been playing in the mountains for decades, both as a backcountry guide and as a World Cup caliber ski tech. His skill-set in the realm of boot fitting from those years of experience is unrivaled. Some of you may recognize him from his time at Race Place but we’re happy to have him down here in the Commons this season. He also builds skis for fun, so his knowledge of materials and construction is ridiculous. Come in and pick his brain, hand him your sticks, and get ready to shred!

You can find at least one of our tech gurus in the shop seven days a week, so bring your sticks by, grab a brew, and get ready to rip things up!

Crow's Feet Commons