Crow’s Feet Avi Pack Rundown


In case you’ve been hiding inside since the last newsletter landed in your inbox, I’ve got a little update for you – The snow is still stacking up! Continuing with our theme of backcountry preparedness, this week we’re talkin’ Avi Packs.

Here in the shop we’ve got a number of packs to choose from. Including a few great selections from Mammut and one of the gems from the Jones Snowboards lineup. Most of what we carry comes equipped with a RAS system, or, Removable Airbag System. We also offer a great option from Mammut equipped with a Protection Airbag System, or PAS. The differences between the two are fairly straight forward – The removable system can be taken out of the pack and is a fairly lightweight option suitable for day tours or for quick trips out of a basecamp, while the protection system provides ample amounts of just that, protection. As the protective bag inflates, it creates a firm and buoyant barrier around your head, neck and upper torso. Also a great option for high exposure day trips or excursions out of base camp.

When considering which pack to buy, take a quick inventory of what you plan on taking with you, as well what sort of adventures you intend to take on with your new favorite lifesaver. On top of the items that should make up any pack’s foundation – shovel, probe, beacon, etc – you’ll need to consider hydration, extra clothing, food, shelter, first aid kit, spare parts . . . the list goes on. As a basic rule, know what you’ll be taking, then plan on taking more. We currently carry packs ranging in size from 15 liters to 35 liters to accommodate a range of different possibilities. And just to keep all of your bases covered, we have charged Mammut cartridges and RAS kits available as well.

For those that aren’t in the market for a lifesaving airbag pack we’ve got you covered, too. Right next to the rest of our avi packs you can find a selection of tried and tested day packs. Ready and able to take the abuse of you and your gear in the pursuit of your next favorite stash.

It looks like there’s more snow headed our way, so keep doing those snow dances and we’ll see you in the mountains!




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