Skis, Splitboards, Bindings

Backcountry Exploration: the search for wild snow, the fluffy powder, the creamy corn and even the breakable crust.

Backcountry skiing is the simple act of getting out into wildness, feeling your nose hairs freeze with every breath and the calming silence of skins on snow. Its the alpine starts to lay down first tracks and hooting with your friends while timing the corn cycle perfectly. With a number of factors to consider and relying heavily upon your equipment, we have found all the best backcountry skiing products that are reliable, strong and safe.

We have everything (and nothing else) to keep you covered while backcountry skiing in Bend, Oregon and beyond. From Avalanche Airbags to First Aid kits and splitboard crampons, come talk to us for the low-down on what you need for your backcountry skiing excursions. With a myriad of options available, we have hand selected ALL the equipment that is suited perfectly for exploring and shredding the unknown.


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