DPS skis is a leader in innovative design and shaping.
Founded in 2005, and inspired by a vision to make perfect skis worthy of the passion of those who live and breathe the sport, DPS develops and sells cutting-edge carbon fiber based skis.
DPS is about the mystery encountered in a slide across deep snow. With its roots in high-performance powder culture, DPS has pioneered the use of aerospace carbon fiber and a sandwich construction to build skis that are lighter, stronger, and more powerful than conventionally-built skis. The fusion of carbon technology and progressive shaping by designers have resulted in the most advanced and complete quiver of skis built today.
DPS is on a quest to build the perfect ski. It’s a search born from both lives dedicated to chasing ultimate conditions around the globe, and also a passion to redefine what is possible in deep snow. The right skis are more than just objects. They are tools that allow us to practice the art. They have to be the finest, which means a constant search for the best designs, the most advanced engineering, and groundbreaking materials. DPS is about pure performance that allows you to dive deeper into the art of Skiing.

Men skis: Wailer 99, Wailer 112 RP, Wailer 112 RPC, Lot

Women skis: Yvette 112, Nina 99

Touring Skis:  Wailer 112 T1, Cassiar 95 Tour 1

Powder Skis: Lotus 120, Lotus 138 Spoon
Poles: Nori carbon fiber

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