Kaj Zackrisson and Sverre Liliequist have been long time athletes on the Pro Freeride Tour. As crazy as they may be on two planks strapped to their feet, there clothing brand is equally as zany and fun as their own personalities. Kask of Sweden was born out of “down days” in Alaska. Days when the Arctic weather grounded all operations pertaining to skiing: High winds, heavy precipitation and weather not fit for pre-madonna pro athletes. Instead of sitting around playing video games or drinking whisky, Kaj and Sverre took to crochet needles and created some pretty darn cool wool beanies.

Since those days of waiting for skies to clear, they have gone onto creating a cutting edge business that sells merino wool base-layers, socks, goggles and the ubiquitous wool beanie. What is different from any other company is their use of original colors and dynamic fabrics and cuts to make equipment specifically designed for snow riders. Innovations like 3/4 length underwear, fleece-lined wool knit hats and compression fabric in their socks. These guys and their equipment are strong, colorful and good looking. Kask of Sweden’s mission statement:

Live a little!

Knit Wool Beanies
Baselayers: 160 Merino Crew, 200 Merino Zip, 3/4 Bottoms
Thriller and Sickbird Socks

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