POC is a Swedish company, built on a strong mission; to do everything possible to save lives and to reduce consequences of accidents, for gravity sports athletes, by developing and renewing what personal protection is all about. POC has in many ways already set a new standard when it comes to technical solutions, construction, material combinations and engineering, with patented solutions, to increase the degree of protection.

POC works in a cross scientific way, from the office in Stockholm. The organization involves competences from different fields, such as engineers, material specialists, industrial and graphic designers, neurologists and back specialists. Stockholm is an important centre for some of Europe’s leading research and development experts in the areas of safety, medicine, health care, advanced product development and testing

When developing a product at POC, they are doing the best they can. The utmost concern is safety, leaving their designers to wrestle over style and functionality. All of that hard work, can be seen all of their products they have. When you want the safest, most tested products on the market, choose POC.


Ski Equipment:

Lobe Goggles, Iris Bug Goggles, Retina
Fornix Helmets, Fornix MIPS

Cycling Equipment:

Trabec Helmet, Trabec MIPS Helmet, Octal Helmet

Joint VPD Pads (Elbow, Knee, Shins)

Trail Vent Shorts, Flow Shorts



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