Bike Service

We have all felt it before:
You walk into a shop….you start looking around and formulating some honest questions about what you may or may not be LOOKING for. You want to ask but you are afraid of the perhaps negative or particularly condescending remark that the shop guy has to say. Its a phenomenon that many of us have felt before. Not everywhere, but nonetheless, it’s a difficult element when it comes to service in a bike shop. At Crows Feet Commons, you are guaranteed to find friendly and knowledgable staff for your cycling experience.

As a small shop with limited inventory, our goal is to have your bike functioning in the quickest time possible. Need a hydraulic brake bleed? That will take about hour, or two beers worth of time. How about a flat tire? That will be 10 minutes. As a small shop, we have the luxury of working on bikes in a very quick time. Our mechanics are highly trained pros who spend time working with professional cycling teams where diagnostic and service is timed in minutes.

Because of our quick and often available staff, we stray from packaged “tune-up” specials or “complete overhauls”, instead we choose to charge for the time it takes to get the job done and get your bike under your legs again. The ratio is simple: 1 minute equals 1 dollar

In the ever changing world of components and drive systems, it is our goal to service any bicycle. However, we are limited by our ability to stock repair parts and necessary time to do such repairs. If its not worth your money repairing it, we will make sure to let you know why, and let you make the decision for yourself. Our customers need to know about the condition of their machine and its that integral experience that is unique to Crows Feet Commons.