Bicycles & Frames

We are Bend, Oregon’s best bike shop hands down. Come in and say hi and you will see why. We have carefully selected every brand and model of bike in the store and offer the best bike for you dollar in Bend, Oregon. The quality & ride-ability of our bikes will knock your socks off, and our friendly knowledgeable staff will be able to help you all along the way. Our bike shop is run by a passionate group of bikers who have called Bend, Oregon home for many years.

Beauty and strength in one sublime package of steel, carbon, aluminum and titanium. Paired with two gorgeous hoops for wheels and you create much more than a bike.  You create a deep rooted connection with your personality. At Crows Feet Commons, we understand that, to cycling enthusiasts, purchasing a bike is much more than a choice of components, weight or price, it can be a gateway to your heart and soul.

Our educated and passionate staff constantly pour over the latest and greatest equipment available in the bicycle market. We hand pick through all offerings looking for the best in quality, utility and performance. As a committed cyclist, you will find all the information and equipment needed to help you achieve your goals. We choose the equipment for you, the committed cyclist.

Our commitment to tailoring bicycles to your personal needs is the most valued aspect to customer service. Whether we hand pick each individual component for your dream bike or find a utility bike that fits within your budget, it is our goal to find just the right machine for you.