Coffee and beer….the words resonate in many of us so strongly that it causes our nerves to flutter.  For many of us, its the reason why we jump out of bed every morning or work tireless hours into the evening.  The magical aroma of freshly brewed coffee.  Meticuloulsy hand picked for the far reaches of the world.  Or the floral sensations from an aromatic hop or oak-conditioned ale.  Both coffee and beer have a handmade, hand-cured quality that is truly an artform.

At Crows Feet Commons, we useStumptown Coffee Roasters.  A Portland-based roasting company, Stumptown has a goal of providing the best experience for their fans, employees and farmers.  UsingDirect Tradebusiness practice, they work directly with the farmers instead of wholesalers.  If a farm does well, they are paid above market value to keep the best products available to only Stumptown.  That deep connection between the Probat Coffee Roaster in PDX and the hands that pick the coffee cherries can be realized with each delicious sip.  Whether you choose a classic, Italian pulled espresso or a Chemex pour-over each sip with will be an experience that you will savor and cherish throughout your day.