espresso-shot THE COFFEE BAR

Blend Italy with Oregon and you get a superbly tasty coffee experience. Our coffee bar offers quality Stumptown coffee made in the finest machines with passion and patience. We believe in taking the time you and the coffee deserve. One taste of our pure, dark, smooth, morning medicine will keep you coming back for more; an ideal way to relax and rejuvenate in Old Town Bend, OR. Perhaps you’d prefer locally blended chai, green or herbal tea…kombucha… or hot chocolate with a chipotle “kick”?


Stumptown Coffee Roasters

“Raw beans are selected by pouring over samples from all over the globe. Each sample gets sniffed, slurped and vetted thru neilannestumptownlogosilver spoons hundreds of times a day in our cupping laboratory. The delicate hand-picked seeds containing sugars and natural perfumes are roasted in our old-school, cast-iron German Probat machines. The green beans go thru a metamorphosis in the hands of our roasters who guide them through a constant evaluation of colors, aromas, sounds, and shapes while tumbling thru our vintage double-walled steel drum roasters. Finally, the beans are released out into the world when sweetness and nuance meet up in our cooling trays. The coffee literally sings.”

You don’t have to take their word for it. Let your “sweetness and nuance” meet up with a cup at Crow’s Feet Commons and you will (literally) feel like singing!