Crank Brothers

2001…that was the year that Crank Brothers launched the Eggbeater pedal at cycling’s annual trade show, Interbike.  The design was simple, lightweight, extremely functional and user-friendly.  Instantly, Crank Brothers became a player in the mountain bike pedal market.  What has spawned from that pedal is a collection of durable, reliable and flashy products that are well suited for racers and adventure riders alike.  With anodized alloy bits and sturdy stainless steel, their pedals, multi-tools and pumps will keep you performing and riding at your best.

Pedals:  Candy, Eggbeaters, Mallet, 50/50
Pumps:  Sterling SL
Tools:  Multi 11, Multi 19, Speedier levers
Grips:  Cobalt, Iodine.

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