Gravity Dropper

Of any piece of equipment that has been touted as “game changing” in the mountain bike world, it has been the on-the-fly adjustable seatpost.  This innovative piece of essential gear can instantaneously turn your cross-country bike into a speed-seeking all-mountain gravity sled.  Gone are the days of wasting time at the top of a long climb to adjust your seatpost in fear of the dreaded “endo”.
In our circle of riders, these after-market wonders are commonly referred to “gravity droppers”.  Why?  Because the company Gravity Dropper has been setting the standard for durability, and reliability in this very fickle and delicate market.
If you are looking for an adjustable seatpost without complicated valving, oil reservoirs and air chambers….if you want something that simply WORKS, Gravity Dropper is the answer.