King Cage

We often look at waterbottle cages as a necessity to hold simple plastic that holds beverages to fuel our adventures.  The thing about them is that when they dont work properly, it can sabotage a completely pleasant cycling experience.
You’re out riding your bike having the time of your life.  As you hit that unforeseen bump in the road, you don’t realize that your bottle has been dislodged from your frame.  As you start sweating up that 10 percent grade, you go to reach down and all you feel is your broken waterbottle cage.  Then what?  Who knows, but lets hope that when you go to replace that water bottle cage, you think about your purchase.
People who know and have experienced the above scenario will most likely know King Cages.  Produced by hand in a garage in Durango, CO, King uses titanium or stainless steel tubing which is light, strong and durable….simple.
New items that have been added to his manufacturer repertoire (and seen at Crows Feet Commons) are the Barbell and Mud Flask.  Check them out, your bike should have some King Cage Components.

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