Trail Butter

Energy food is something that is supposed to be nourishing, healthy, energy packed and fun to eat.  We have all heard the stories of company owners growing tired of eating “fake” food or “energy bars”, and then creating another product that almost less palatable than the original.  The reason is because we need variety in our daily activities and adventures.  Trail Butter is a unique blend of Hazelnut, Almond and Peanut butters and is packed with pumpkin seeds, clover honey, goji berries, and sometimes espresso beans.

These products are great on the go or better yet slathered upon your homemade energy bar or Clif bar.  These products have a shelf live of over 30 days AFTER they are opened and each package contains 800 calories.  More than enough for a day out in the field. This product is a shop favorite for its unique consistency, ease of digestion and pure, simple wholesomeness.




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