Fatback Bikes

When the Fatback first arrived on the scene, All-Terrain Bikes (ATBs) were limited to the Surly Pugsley and a few custom steel bikes. The guys up in Alaska who were riding the Iditabike and other challenging winter racers needed something better.  Something lighter, stronger and better made for the specifics of riding and not playing.  They wanted something that handled more like a bike, put the rider in a more comfortable position, accommodated wider rims, allowed for the use of a strong 29er wheelset in the summer, and came in under 4 lbs. The Fatback was created.

With the surge of technology with very little standardization, Fatback is creating the norm.  First it started with their 165 mm rear wheel spacing.  This allowed for a symmetrical rear hub with equally tracking wheelbase.  In 2013, they produced a new standard rear spacing with the ability to accomodate a 5″ wide tire with their 190 spacing.  With all bikes produced in the USA and assembled right here in Bend, you can feel like you are getting the highest quality bicycle made by hand, each frame at a time.


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