Meet the Family

We are proud to say that we have one of the most experienced staff in the ski and bicycle world.  From elite level bicycle race mechanics to former World Cup Ski racing technicians, you can always rely on our staff to give you encouraging, honest and accurate advice and service.  We live and breathe the culture of Crow’s Feet Commons and everything awesome about Bend….come in and chat with us…..and enjoy a beer on the house.


Shop_Color-6848DAVID MARCHI

Owner. Boss. Curator.  The leader of the flock is an International ski guide, father, and prime-time cycling enthusiast. David lives for alpine arcs, backcountry powder sessions, road/mountain/cyclocross/adventure cycling, dancing, music, and being surrounded by like minded souls. At any time, you can see him working behind the bar, sweeping the courtyard, mounting a pair of skis, or slapping high fives with his workmates and customers.  His infectious stoke for skiing and cycling can only be rivaled by his love for live music (of which he sources for the courtyard parties) and figuring out ways to adventure with his son, Talus. If you don’t know the story about his experience with the mysterious Snow Leopard, you should watch this video  –

FAVORITE TRAILS:  Phil’s complex on a cross bike, Pecker Woods

CURRENT WHIPS/STICKS: Evil Following mountain bike, Focus Mares CX cyclocross bike, Pereira steel road bike, OPEN U.P. gravel grinder,  DPS Lotus Pure 3 138, DPS Wailer 105 Pure 3,



Damian has been working hard to create the product offerings at Crow’s Feet Commons since our first summer in 2013.  His product knowledge of the bike industry makes him a valuable resource in the shop.  Currently you will find him obsessing over vintage Airstream upgrades and ways to adventure with his new pal, Singletrack Charlie.

FAVORITE TRAIL:  Metolius- Windigo Trail in the high country, and anywhere in Jackson, WY.

CURRENT WHIPS and STICKS:  Focus Mares CX cyclocross bike, and Marcroft Custom steel road bike.  DPS Wailer 112 Pure 3 RP2.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Is it Gathering, a Shin-dig, or a Hootenanny? ”  from the movie Kingpin



A ski and climbing industry lifer, who grew up on the Northside of Mt. Hood, is a  former PSIA Alpine Examiner, USSA Coach, climbing guide and ski builder. His resume includes extensive time in Yosemite and the Cascades. Equally knowledgable and adept at MTB and Road cycling, his travel destinations include New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Kingdom of Bhutan, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

FAVORITE TRAIL: Home dirt of Mt. Hood – Surveyors Ridge, Dog River. Central O – Swampy, Southfork, Skyliner, Pinedrops, KGB. In winter, any path leading to fresh lines.

CURRENT WHIPS/STICKS: J. Livingston cruiser, Campy equipped Wilier Gran Turismo road bike, Evil Calling (because its eeeeeevilllllll) mountain bike, Heretic Custom 178cm, DPS Wailer 105 Pure 3, Black Crows Corvus-Freebird

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Knowledge without mileage is bullshit.” Henry Rollins



A recent graduate of OSU-Cascades with a degree in Awesomeness, Carson lives and breathes mountain biking, MTB tech, and the dirt between the knobs. Give him a dropper post, a fanny pack and tacky dirt and you better watch out!  He lives for the party ride and loves to talk about suspension, dot fluid and can do a brake bleed with his eyes closed.  He is our resident suspension ninja.

FAVORITE TRAIL: Kings Castle in Oakridge, A-Line in Whistler and Tiddlywinks.

CURRENT WHIPS/STICKS:  Devinci Spartan Mtb (the one and done all mountain ripper), Black Crows Orb-Freebird

FAVORITE QUOTE: “I’ve come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass, and I’m all out of bubblegum!” Rowdy Roddy Piper


The Quiet Assassin. Bend native and former bike racer, Erik brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our Wrenching staff. A journeyman tinkerer, Eric has an Engineering type mindset and is our go-to for Custom wheel building and compatibility issues of hi-end components.

FAVORITE TRAIL:  Mrazek, Fairwell and Metolius-Windigo

FAVORITE QUOTE: “There is nothing to see here. Move along.”


CURRENT WHIP:  DeSolvo Custom road bike, Ritchey P29, early 90’s Bianchi Corsa road bike, Evil Following Mtb.





Rapper. River guide. One who backflips. A former FIS level ski racer who loves to punish himself in the backcounty, Mallory can rip it, flip it, and make a music video out of it. Classic.

CURRENT STICKS: DPS 106 Pure 3, Black Crows Atris

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Did you hear about my worst day skiing? It was rad!”





Inline image 1COOPER HANGER

Cooper started as an intern here at CFC, but soon wowed us with his knowledge and skill that far exceeded his age. A full-time student, who races Enduro and volunteers to coach at Bend Endurance Academy, Super Cooper is also an aggressive all mountain snowboarder. Keep an eye on this one!

CURRENT WHIPS/DECKS: Evil Calling Mtb, Canfield EPO hardtail, State Bicycle 6061 Black Label single speed, Jones Storm Chaser split, Capita Mercury.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Brakes? Who needs brakes?” Cooper



If there was a poster-boy for unrelenting energy and Olympic level stoke for the outdoors, it would be Nick. He has shared his vibe as an instructor, coach, and product rep for many years, yet continues immerse himself in learning of new methods and product lines.








A tried and true “Jack of all Trades”, Eric’s engineering background comes in handy around CFC. With strong background in both skiing and cycling, he can hop from a wheel build, to a ski tune, to a discussion on race tactics in a single breath. His daughter Ava is an up and coming athlete who stood 3rd step on the podium and the 2017 US National CX Championships. Pretty cool stuff.

CURRENT WHIPS/STICKS: Kuota Kredo carbon road bike, Giant TCX1 Cyclocross bike, Focus Raven Max carbon 29er, and 1952 Marshall-Wells Zenith town bike

FAVORITE QUOTE:  “My secret to going faster is to push harder on the pedals.” -Eddy Merckx






Kim has been providing contract accounting services to Crows Feet Commons since December, 2014 soon after arriving in Bend from Colorado Springs.  Kim enjoys the beauty of the outdoors whether on foot, on a bike, or  sitting in the backyard watching the birds. She has rescued and cares for four kitties and dreams of turning the cafe into a “cat cafe” some day.   She tries to keep us in line but has yet to succeed.

Favorite Playlist:  Jax, Penelope, Vivian, and Abby.  They each get playtime every day.

Central Oregon Hotspots:  South bridge over Deschutes River, river trail from Dillon Falls to Sunriver, view over Mirror Pond from Crows Feet Commons.







The reality is that Talus will most likely be the boss of Crow’s Feet Commons.  As the youngest member of the team, he can be found taking out the garbage, helping to organize our socks, sampling the latest Kombucha flavor and trying to get people to dance on First Friday.  His quiet and reserved personality keeps things calm but when you get him on some skis or a mountain bike, he is transformed into a beast.  If you want to talk things other than bikes or skis, he will fill your brain with lego’s, beyblades and Pokemon.

CURRENT WHIP/STICKS: Specialized Hardrock 16″, Cleary 20″ wheeled Owl, 24″ Transition

FAVORITE TRAILS:  Lower Whoops, Wanoga Pumptrack and Dilly-Dally-Alley