Ski and Snowboard Service

Skis and Snowboards perform better when they are properly tuned. Hot waxing your bases is a foundation towards performance. Edges that are clean and sharp are the cornerstone for precision. Working in conjunction with The Race Place, who has the most sophisticated stone grinder in the west, the staff at Crows Feet Commons will keep your gear looking and feeling great. Our 75+ years of collective technical experience can transform your gear, and help you stay happy, healthy and wise.

Service includes:
Binding mount:  $45.00 – At Crows Feet Commons, we pride ourselves in having an impeccable track record for getting it right the first time.  We understand the nuances of every ski and we strive to get the binding in the optimal place for every type of skier. Remount a pair of pre-installed bindings: $55

Hot Box Base Prep:  $55.00 – If you are rider who doesn’t really enjoy waxing your skis but like to go fast, this is something you should consider.  Hot Wax Base Prep is the process of using different temperature gradients of wax, putting waxes skis in a heated box for 4 hrs.  The wax soaks into the bases for full saturation.  This process is done 4 times, guaranteeing that your bases are fully impregnated with wax.  The result is a silkier base that glides better, longer.

Base Welds: $10.00+ –  We fix holes in the base, pretty simple.

Quiver Killer inserts: $50.00+$3.00 (per insert) – Do you have one pair of skis that you just can’t decide which bindings to put on the?  Do you like to telemark AND alpine but have one favorite pair of skis?  This could be your answer.  Quiver Killers are inserts that are mounted to the ski and act like inserts in a snowboard.  This allows you to remove bindings and not run the risk of damaging your skis.

Pro Level ski tunes:

Full Ski Tune: $65 – We take your skis or board to our World Cup tuner, Eric Holmer at Race Place for world-class base grind. This flattens your bases and structures your skis for the current conditions. We pick ’em up and bring them back to your specified bevel by hand sharpening and polishing your edges. We finish by hot-waxing the bases twice to ensure full saturation. Painstakingly brushed out and ready for your next adventure. Sweet!

Plus Tune: $45 – Did you tag a rock or two during the low-base/deep fluff session? Just need your edges buffed out and some much-needed wax? Perfect. This tune job is for you! We Dig out any volcano stuck in your bases, repair any grooves and gouges, hand-sharpen and polish your edges, and hot-wax your beloved skis or snowboard back to shred worthiness.

Basic Tune: $30 – Side edge sharpen and buff, base edge bevel and hot wax make this simple tune the easy choice to keep your gear fresh and fast on those west bowl days with long get-backs or long skins days in the backcountry. Same day turnarounds standard. No waiting!
Race day wax: We offer a large selection of fluoro carbon race waxes for your next competition!